Student Policy

The Headwaters School of Music & the Arts charges a per-session fee to all participants in private lessons. The fee for a session of private lessons will be computed by multiplying the number of possible weeks in a session by the fee of $22 for a half-hour lesson or $44 for a one-hour lesson. Each participant will fill out a Registration Form that includes an agreement to pay for the services rendered in that session.

Realizing that we serve many children and that it is not uncommon for a child to become ill, a makeup session will be arranged for the first missed lesson time with the instructor during the week of the missed time. If you know that you will not be able to attend your regularly scheduled lesson time due to a planned vacation, during each semester, at registration time, we will calculate the remaining number of lessons taking into consideration your absence.

Additionally, should an instructor not be able to perform his/her duties, the students will be given a makeup session or a credit. If an instructor must be absent for an extended period of time, a substitute instructor will be hired to perform the duties necessary to keep students on task.

In keeping with the past practice of allowing students to become involved in private lesson instruction after a session has started or having lessons on an every other week basis, the fee for the session will be determined by counting the possible number of weeks in the session times the fee of $22 for a half-hour lesson or $44 for a one-hour lesson.