Parent/Child Music Class for Preschool-Kindergarten

Our preschool-kindergarten parent/child music class delves into the world of note-reading, recognizing rhythms, and playing the piano. Each class includes children's songs and rhymes, musical vocabulary words, rhythm activities, and ear training exercises. 2-3-year-olds will learn how to find notes on the keyboard. 4-6-year-olds will learn to play short melodies. All classes meet in our recital hall. Limited to 12 children.

There are two time and date options for this 12 week class, 5:45―6:30 pm Wednesdays January 18-April 5, OR 11:15-noon Fridays Jan 20―April 7, 2017.                                                                                                                                                                                      $96/first child ($54/each additional child).  Register online at or give us a call at 218-444-5606/.  Scholarships based upon financial need available, up to half student fee.